Yates Auler, REALTOR®

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(C) 512.576.1127

Yates Auler is a lifelong resident of Austin and a seventh-generation Texan. She has a love for everything Austin and knows the ins and outs of Austin’s neighborhoods. Yates grew up in Pemberton Heights and has lived in West Campus, Hyde Park, Travis Heights and Tarrytown (where she currently resides). Yates’ father and mentor (a real estate investor and broker) encouraged her from a young age to consider a career in real estate due to her love of Austin, work ethic and ability to connect with people. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin in 2020, Yates worked for a large, nationwide business consulting firm. Despite awards for being the top performer on her team, she realized that consulting wasn’t her passion. Yates’ love of design and architecture and desire to help people led her to realize that her father was right about real estate as a career. After receiving her real estate license in 2022, Yates joined Gottesman and currently works with Blake Sayers, Meredith Reynolds and Elizabeth Shands. In addition to her commitment to real estate and the Austin community, Yates loves spending time outdoors, working out, enjoying the great restaurants of Austin, traveling, and spending time were her friends and family.